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We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded partners across the Globe where we can offer our strengths in Reality Models, information management and hosting to customers and industry. 

By cooperating together, we offer deep domain knowledge and extensive experience in close-range image capture, data processing and Reality Model communication through our web-based platform Geminai.


You too can benefit from using Geminai. YN3D will provide you the ability to differentiate and ‘value-add’ your own offerings or utilise our differentiation.













YN3D believes all partnerships should be ‘win-win’ and in today’s digital landscape our aim is to support all our customers achieve a state of digital clarity through Reality Models that deliver improved business outcomes. With clarity comes sound decision-making, providing our customers an edge to improve the performance across their asset’s lifecycle and how individual stakeholders interact with data. 

With strong partnerships, we can together make a step change in how data is collected, viewed, analysed, communicated and shared.

 YN3D has developed ‘Geminai’, the first digital platform to enable all asset stakeholders the ability to collaborate with the same spatial data set, supporting an immersive reality environment which represents a window to your data.

Understanding 2D information has never been clearer, until now.
Understand As-Designed vs As-Built or As-Planned with much more clarity.
About Geminai
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