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YouNeed3D (YN3D) provide turnkey full service offerings, including Consulting / Training, for any part of our broad capability portfolio.

We advocate and promote the benefits of Rich Reality models (RM) acquired through a comprehensive photogrammetric workflow. Where needed this can be supported by 3D Laser Scanning as well as 360° imagery and videography for Virtual Tours.


Going beyond traditional 3D modelling for engineering, design and asset management, we provide techniques and methodologies to leverage Visualisation and Collaboration in support of Operations, Maintenance, Digital Twins, BIM, Facility Management and other applications.

About Geminai


At YouNeed3D (YN3D) we continually assess emerging and market leading technologies to ensure we deploy the best methods and techniques available.

Accuracy, detail and the intended use for the data we gather helps us to work with our Clients to select the best process, or combination of processes for the project.

Image and Laser Sensors continue to improve rapidly and the hardware and software needed to process, publish and review data improves relentlessly even as costs fall.

However, although we strive to meet the demands of “Quicker and Cheaper,” YouNeed3D keeps a tight control on quality to ensure delivered data can be trusted and leveraged with confidence.

In particular, advances in Digital Cameras, Processing Software and Hardware have accelerated the usefulness and use preference to “Close Range” Photogrammetry.

With careful planning we deliver the Geometric accuracy expected from surveys while also being able to provide intuitive, high resolution Reality Models (RM) that lend themselves to many other uses beyond those provided by traditional survey approaches and deliverables.

YN3D Camera
YN3D Drone


We utilise a variety of leading technologies to process data efficiently and economically. Our technological choices are driven by Project and Client requirements.

Our data publishing phase ensures that our clients and projects receive data in a format that is meaningful to them and that can be leveraged to their advantage.

To this end we provide a consulting service to help our clients identify the formats most suited to their respective projects.

Publishing data successfully is highly dependent on the quality of data acquisition and data processing phases ……… to use the old adage “rubbish in results in rubbish out!

YN3D Processor


Many projects and assets suffer due to challenges with data aging and not knowing if their data is 'ever green'. This refers to the common problem where a Client invests in data acquisition to better service their needs, only to find that they are unable to trust this data after just a short space of time, because data has changed and the master database has not been updated to reflect this.

To avoid this problem, it is imperative that any asset data strategy includes a plan to manage and address data change over time. This ensures that ROI (return on investment) is maintained and leveraged long into the future.

Change management is the responsibility of all stakeholders, but success is found from establishing technologies and automated workflows that ensure that change management is kept in synch with minimised effort.

We provide consulting and delivery services to help our clients implement this very important capability.

YN3D Data Management


Whilst today’s digital cameras provide first-rate technical photos, to achieve good quality results with close range photogrammetry requires a good understanding of the workflow from image acquisition to publishing and the intermediate steps in between. There are important variabilities that should be understood that will support a better final virtual model.

YouNeed3D are leaders in providing training and coaching in how to produce high-fidelity 3D reality models of any size, scale and complexity including;


  • Digital Camera hardware and setup considerations

  • Preparing for and undertaking the site acquisition process such as optimal techniques in image capture including range, accuracy, quality and time requirements for various workflows

  • Pre-processing approach of collected image data


  • Processing best practice and understanding potential challenges and constraints and how to overcome these


  • Post-processing approach to clean and structure the final reality model and produce 3D meshes with high quality texture

YN3D Traning Certification
  • How to create geometrical models for engineering use


  • Best approaches to updating the reality model


  • Using parallel computing power for quicker reality model generation


  • Model management and publishing within Geminai


  • Using Geminai to get the most of your reality model through structuring and working towards the added benefit staircase possibilities


The outcomes of our training and coaching approach will enable you to be skilled in how to capture, create, share, publish and get the most from your Reality Models

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of Reality Models and the step change it can make to managing and visualising your asset.

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